Japan Is A Country From Another Planet

We have compiled some of the strangest inventions, cultural practices and facts about Japan that will make this country your destination of choice. These are just a particle of the interesting facts about Japanese culture. Actually, there are so many that this one post couldn’t fit them all.

This Toilet In Japan Has A System Of Occupied/Vacant Toilets Information

Bus Drivers In Japan Were On Strike But Continued Driving Their Routes While Refusing To Take Fares From Passengers

Drink Cans Have Names Written In Braille On The Top


Japanese Fans Stayed Behind After The FIFA World Cup 2014 Match To Help Clean Up

Joe Giddens – EMPICS

There Are Baby Seats Attached To The Wall In Most Bathrooms


I Recently Gave Birth In Japan. Here Is Some Of The Hospital Food I Ate


You Can Often Find This Kind Of Toilet In Japan. Wash Your Hands And Reuse The Water For Your Next Flush

Most Japanese Schools Don’t Have Custodians. Instead, The Students Do The Cleaning Themselves As A Part Of Showing Gratitude To The School And Learning How To Become More Productive Members Of Society


The Note In Japanese Says, “I Accidentally Knocked Over Your Bike And Broke The Bell. I Am Very Sorry”

This Is How Smooth The Bullet Train Is In Japan

Commuters In Tokyo Pushed A Train Car To Save A Woman Who Fell And Got Stuck Between The Car And The Platform

Koi Fishes Even Live In Drainage Channels In Japan

Another Reason Why I Love Japan

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  1. All true. And you can add me leaving my wallet (twice) on the late night commuter train from Osaka to Kyoto, with roughly ¥40,000 inside, and having the station master call me up the next day to pick it up, money intact!

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