18 Photos That Made Our Hearts Beat Like A Drum

Seaweed In The Waves


Someone likes to live dangerously

© gowasugay / Imgur  

Extreme waves in the North Sea

© AaronFireMan / Imgur  


This gigantic mine called Mir mine in Russia.


Sitting on top of the Abraj Al Bait, the largest clock tower in the world. For reference, the second picture shows how tall the clock tower actually is.


“Yeah, that’ll hold just fine…”

© osoroco / Reddit  

Currently Renovating Our Floors. Seems Everyone Has Come Out Of Hiding


Snapdragon Seed Pods Look Like Skulls

In case you forgot just how big the sun is and a gentle reminder as to how small we are.

Roberto Ziche

Only the strong shall survive

© lambchop9876 / Reddit  


New anti-theft system: Winter edition

© unknown user/ imgur

“My wife left the gloves to dry and I almost had a heart attack.”

© RoninGR / Reddit  

It’s completely flat.


The placement of this tv upsets me

© HarambeSalamii / Reddit  

“The sun created a scary-looking shadow on my lamp shade.”

© Nizzler / Reddit  

“I left my boots at the back door. When I was walking back outside, I nearly had a heart attack.”

© WesleyRJ95 / Reddit  


“I just outran a massive dust storm over Phoenix in a helicopter.”

© ggfergu / Reddit  


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