20 Creative Design Ideas That Should Be Common Everywhere

“This Vending Machine At My School Sells Various School Supplies”


“This is how my university stops people from leaving with the calculators.”

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“This drawer in my kitchen is made to dispense paper towels.”

rishortish / reddit  

“My local brand of toilet paper puts a to-go roll in each regular roll.”

 grasse / reddit 

“The shower in my hotel has a little cutout so you can turn it on before getting in.”

IBeBobbyBoulders / reddit  

Good Guy Plug

Joseph_Best_JoJo / reddit  

This restaurant uses shadows to show men’s and women’s restrooms.


This Door In A Math Classroom


“This School Has A Slide Direct From Classroom To Playground. Childhood Dream”


That’s Some Neat Space Saving Design

Stair Drawers

This toilet rises from the ground when needed, usually at night time, and disappears below during the day.

 public_toilets_anonymous / Instagram  

This grocery store cart has a cup holder, slot for your phone and an aisle guide for popular products

kevo0088 / reddit  

Supermarket trolleys in Sweden have a map of the supermarket


The narrowest street of Prague has traffic lights for pedestrians.


“There is a miniature library in this backyard facing a public walking path.”


A sausage vending machine. Welcome to Germany.


The design of this water fountain let’s the water flow down so dogs can drink too


This fence is also a bicycle pump.


The way this bench comes “out of” the fence


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