20 Designers Who Must Have Done Their Task In A Hurry

Light switch in kids room

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This counter design

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“Just watched a guy go into the wrong bathroom at Toronto Pearson Airport. He was looking at the top sign.”

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Who is it?

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Wouldn’t want to mistake this for actual cereal.

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The “DESIGN” school I graduated from sent this postcard out.

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“I followed this bus for 4 blocks to wait for it to pull over to share this beautiful work of art.”

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National Geographic magazine that warns about danger of plastic bags comes inside a plastic bag that is inside a plastic bag

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This elevator button panel.

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Not exactly the right place for a playground

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“Bike Friendly”.

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Being handicapped is apparently an extreme sport.

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How not to design a bike-lane route

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That’s what a true open plan looks like.

© BadRealtyPhotos / ‏twitter  

The space is allocated. Literally.

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“I’m an artist and that’s how I see it.”

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“Somehow the building inspector didn’t find it as funny as I did.”

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“A secret closet, 6 ft above ground and no stairs to get to it. I don’t even want to know what’s in it…”

© RussiannTaco / reddit 

Nothing like the smell of coffee and a good eye-stab in the morning

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