20 Photos You Probably Won’t Find Inside Encyclopedias

A chunk of dirt that was struck by lightning and turned to glass

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“This 100-year-old brick has finger marks in it from its creator.”

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A manhole cover in Germany

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“Moved a pot and found this weed’s root system.”

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“The reflection of my make-up bag looks like a nebula.”

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A tree that was in a plastic pot for too long

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“How the smoke from our fire pit colored these spiderwebs black”

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“My Grandpa mows the yard every week with the same grey shirt that has Yamaha written on the back with black letters.”

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This is why your wear a helmet

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“The way my pen bent after being left in a hot car”

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“Left an unopened can of soda in my car, it was so hot that it exploded. Everything is sticky now.”

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This onion that was accidentally left in a car trunk for 4 months

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This is what happens to a leaf when it is eaten by Tenthredinidae.

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This is what happens if you play with a yo-yo too much


“I left the deep freezer door slightly cracked by accident and didn’t use it for a few months. I was rewarded with this a few days before moving out.”

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Dinosaur Footprints In France


Those Aren’t Trees

Positive streamers (which are positively charged ionic channels) rise up from the ground. When one of them meets a negatively charged step leader, it results in a lightning strike.



What Appears To Be A Pile Of Broken Glass Is Actually A Frozen Lake Michigan

Australian Fire Breaks In Action


Jupiter Viewed From Its South Pole


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