20 Times People Realized Their Parents Were Cooler Than Them

My Favorite Picture Of My Mom. She Was The Only Girl In Her Welding Class In 1984. Byrd High School, Shreveport, Louisiana

Image source: lizzyhaze


My Mother Doing A Handstand On Two Skateboards (Circa 1980’s)

Image source: Nirokie

My Mom Flew Helicopters For The Army In The 80s

Image source: completedesaster

Chuck Norris Pinned By My Dad

Image source: LanaDelRayquaza


My Dad At His First Job At Nasa!

Image source: sonokoroxs

My Dad Diving Off The Starboard Fin Of A Submarine And Into The Pacific Ocean In The Summer Of 1983

Image source: MightyCornDog

My Dad And His Veterinarian Mother, With Their Pet Lion Which They Raised For Two Years, 1959

Image source: ryanb99


My Dad (Front) In Vietnam In 1971. He Didn’t Know This Photo Existed Until I Came Across It Randomly On The Internet. He Cried When He Saw It

Image source: strawberrygnome

My Mom Holding Myself Whilst Writing Her Master Thesis On The Macintosh Classic II (1991)

Image source: FrenchFriesGate

My Mom In The Police Academy, 1984

Image source: hellooooo3


My Mom Fled Saigon In 1975. By The 90s, She Had Joined The US Air Force

Image source: cryptolingo

Pretty Rad Picture Of My Dad When He Was 22, In Texas, Taken In 1987. That Ghettoblaster Is Epic

Image source: peter_nincompoop33

My Father Halfway Through Motorcycling Across Africa – 1980s

Image source: civil55


1969 Vietnam: My Father’s Version Of A Selfie Before Selfies Were A Thing

Image source: mastiffmum

My Dad Fishing… On A Nuclear Submarine 1966

Image source: vbisbest

My Mom Was A Homicide Detective In The 80s

Image source: gymbez

My Dad A Zoo Keeper In 1992

Image source: 8_Bit_Zombies


My Pregnant Mom At Gunpoint Trying To Get Home – May 1969 Berkeley

Image source: Leo_nardo

My Father Who Shipped His Bike Over To England And Rode All Over Europe On It – 1973

Image source: lionhearted828

My Dad’s Graduation Photo. Circa 1970’s

Image source: Mr_Goldfish0

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