A New Theory On Time Indicates Present And Future Exist Simultaneously

The box Universe theory describes “now” as an arbitrary place in time and states that the past, the future and the present all exist simultaneously.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor of philosophy Dr. Bradford Skow suggests that if we “look down” on the universe as if we were looking at a piece of paper, we would see time spanning all directions, exactly the same way that we see space at some point.

So what does this really mean? Well, this suggests that time as we know it is incorrect, in other words, it is not linear as we have always thought. In fact, everything around us is always present.

Dr. Skow is not the first scientist to question the way we all perceive time.

In 1915, Einstein introduced a theory of unified space and time. In his general theory of relativity, he proposes that space-time takes shape in a multiple or continuous way. And that if viewed, you’ll see both as a four-dimensional vector space. And this vector is known as the “block theory.”

“The distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”

The author argues that he “wouldn’t want to believe in that unless I saw good arguments for it.”

“I was interested in seeing what kind of view of the universe you would have if you took these metaphors about the passage of time very, very seriously,” Skow says.

Dr. Skow further details:

“The block universe theory says you’re spread out in time, something like the way you’re spread out in space. We’re not located at a single time.”

Dr. Skow agrees that while things change and we see time as if it were passing, Dr. Skow believes that we are in a ‘scattered conditions’ and that different parts of time may be dotted around the infinite universe.

Time Travel

Once you try to wrap your head around this theory, you’ll begin to realize that it could also change the way we think of time travel.

If this theory is real, then we can’t simply travel time and change it. If everything is happening simultaneously — your past, present, future laid out in space — then it would be impossible to create “grandfather paradoxes.”

Instead, you will only travel through time and experience it as it is and as it always would be.

An illustration of the hypothetical box universe, Source: ABC Science

Dr. Kristie Miller, who is the joint director for the Centre for Time at the University of Sydney, explained the theory in a piece published by ABC Science. Miller described how all moments that exist are relative to each other within three spatial dimensions and a single time dimension.

The block universe theory is also known in some scientific circles as Eternalism, in which the past, present, and future all co-exist ‘now’. This is opposed to Presentism, which states that the past doesn’t exist anymore and is constantly disappearing thanks to that pesky notion of ‘present’ time.

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62 Replies to “A New Theory On Time Indicates Present And Future Exist Simultaneously”

  1. Interesting, space, time and gravity always thrills me. But this new theory is something extraordinary and it’s really hard to imagine past, present and future simultaneously.

    Freya Muhavare,

    1. Place all four on a piece of paper. Draw an oval as looking down onto your head with the eyes at the top of the oval. Place a dividing line from top to bottom in the center of the oval representing the corpus collusum. Then put a horizontal line making a cross within the oval. Now put the past in the lower left quadrant. Put the present in the upper level. The futures in the upper right. Now if you stop trying to separatIng the three Your can hypersee the four quadrant as eternity as all exist simultaneously.

      1. I occasionally wake up after having a lucid dream about something that happened miles away or about to happen a day or two in the future. My hope is that block uvs. theory might provide a theoretical framework for describing psychic activity.

      2. Not really. Time simultaneously co existing explains time slips and ghosts. Black holes cause alternate universes giving alternate perspectives of life. Forever repeating in ways we can’t understand.

  2. Absolutely past existing in somewhere in existence but it doesn’t appear from our own world or our 3d dimension..
    Our awareness needs more dimensions to be understood to him.

    1. Only when we are able to quiet our minds of needless chatter will we unlock the gift of time. With every second that passes our minds are expanding with new knowledge that carries us further and further away from what we seek most. There is no secret, no formula, no mantra to learn. It is simply stilled silence no less no more…

      1. Yes.
        And practiced, this silence will reveal to you More of your eternal self.
        You never receive a thought that you weren’t meant to have.
        Follow the trail!!!

  3. Indeed. The only way yo experience the past is to be another conscious observer in the past or during that period of time.

    Think of the universe is like a big ledger. Going back to change something in the past means that ledger will not zero out. That There will be “monies” unaccounted for, hence the grandfather’s paradox.

    The only way you can change the past is to be part of a past you would like to have, based on that has already happen. It’s like a multiple choice question where you can’t freely express your knowledge. Your answer must be based on the choices provided.

    What one could do is identify a conscious observer, which literally means another person alive and interacting with that point in time (most would probably choose a rich and successful business man or a powerful govt official) and swop places with him. There must also be some mechanism where he/she has to consent to such swop, to make things ethical.

    The only way this can happen is via a consciousness swop. I think science should look into the true nature of consciousness and how it can be manipulated. In fact we might find that we are living in a simulated or holographic universe. That is way easier than time travel.

  4. I think our perception only allows us to view time as ‘present’ because we couldn’t handle all of it at once. The present may co-exist with the past and future, but if we could perceive all of that at once, our heads would probably explode. We’ve mercifully been given limited vision so we can live these lives we have and really experience things in the present moment.

    1. i think this is where ur vibrations come in at. The higher your vibration, the more you are able to understand and perceive.

    2. I think there is a functional reason why we don’t perceive time except in a step-by-step fashion.

      We came to this dimension to do stuff and it’s pretty tough to keep it straight if it all happens at once!

    3. My Dad had a funny series of jokes called ” Nature’s Way” and he said ” Time is natures way from keeping everything all at once . ” I will contemplate that inside of nature , there is time, but once we transcend nature , in the imagination , we can play with time , instead of having it play with us !

  5. I’ve literally been saying this for a very long time and, was contemplating it just a few days ago after watching Star Trek Voyage. Time travel would possible if everything is happening simultaneously.

    1. Our concept of time is tethered to gravity. Everything is based on our travel around the sun and our limited ability to reconcile things outside of our 3 dimensional linear view of of what is real. We assume light speed is the fastest measure of time but is this because we are incapable of seeing or experiencing things in this expanding universes that are outside of our cognitive limits? If the universe is expanding in every direction then once we enter deep space, outside the gravity of our solar system the notion of time really changes. There is no up, down, East, west or time in the worldly sense that we know it.

  6. Movie called (Arrival) touched on this subject , a species arrives on earth that have the ability to know the future past and present.

  7. This does tend to cut at the principle of cause preceding effect. How would this reconcile with the “multiverse theory”?

  8. If everything exists at the same time then going back in time would just land you in a different body and that body would likely act the same way it would have acted anyway. There is no way you can take your present body with you. You can only take your soul with you. Same with the future.

    1. I have read in books by Jane roberts who channels a future portion of herself, that the past is always changing through who you are now. You alter who you are in the past through your beliefs and actions. Which is hard for me to understand because the book also states that your past lives have their own free will and have went their own way, but always connected to you.

  9. So it means all the infinite free choices also has to be at the same time, and we move from one choice to another, and every one see world in their own way

    1. So, if our past choices are presenting now, And a choice made then predetermines what occurs in our future, being in alignment with that ensures our place in Eternity.

  10. IMO Time is just a tempo experienced relative to heartbeats, breaths, days, hours or however the individual creature rhythmically perceives it to be. From the tempo of a hummingbird down to that of a decaying mountain, it’s all relative. Beats and music unites listeners by sharing the same linear thread of time.

  11. Though you cannot change the past present or future, there is no reason you cannot choose the past present or future you consciously perceive. They all exist at once, and are therefore immutable, but they are infinite in variation. Choose wisely.

  12. I don’t know if this was just poorly explained or just a shitty website with poor ad displacement, but I really wanted to share this article and could not. At least fix this shitty site.

  13. What if the frequency at which we are vibrating dictates out trajectory toward available experiences in a predetermined, albeit simultaneous matrix of experiences, to facilitate our souls learning and or growth?

  14. It is what we do that creates the future. What has been done is the past and everything else exists outside that “timeline” of our influence. The swirling vortex of experience weaving through this eternity is the contrail of our lives.

  15. I’m a teacher and a teacher trainer and I’m very unhappy about the way TIME is misinterpreted or neglected in schools and in education.

    I do believe that TIME is the heart and soul of the English Language and we have to make friends with TIME more closely if we want to teach it successfully, and want to train teachers who can do the same, especially if we attempt to teach the LD Student, the Z Generation or especially the Alpha Generation.

    At the moment, it seems, the English Language is wearing a tight Latin straight jacket and it is one of the reasons why TIME cannot be sensed and handled as it should be.

    I wonder if the Author of this article can see an overlap between his theory and practical applications of his findings.

  16. So what is the point of struggling between options in order to improve oneself or the world? How does this impact free will and morality?

  17. If everything happens simultaneously, our sun has gone super nova, our galaxy has been swallowed up in a black hole, and why do we still exist?

  18. Perhaps the fortune tellers know how to connect to the internet of it all happened. The present and the future is already in the past and is part of it? Down to the details how the fire burned the places down to the molecule?

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