Guy Proves Earth Is Not Flat In A Brilliant Way

Most people with a brain know that the Earth isn’t flat. But for some reason, the Flat Earth conspiracy continues to gain popularity.

Greg Pagel, a 47-year-old musician snapped a photo of Lake Michigan. And his age-old views and everything he knew about the Earth was challenged. The picture instantly raised doubts about everything he knew about the Earth.

“I’ve often looked at the horizon over that lake–thousands of times–and wondered “am I seeing a curve? I’m not sure. Maybe a little? Or is my mind playing tricks?” As a kid, I’d look at it a lot,” said Greg.

However, he did what anyone else would’ve done, and he turned to science.He took this picture a few miles away from his house in Manitowoc, WI.

He took this picture a few miles away from his house in Manitowoc, WI.

The horizon seems pretty flat in this photo.

As shown on Google Earth, this is where Greg was standing. On the left is the shore of Two Rivers again and on the right, that’s the beach at Silver Creek Park.

According to Google Earth, the two points are 8.4 miles apart.

Now, a 90-degree arc you’d notice immediately, as he points out.

But once you’ve gone down to 1-degree arcs, it starts to be a whole lot less noticeable.

And by the time you look at a 0.12-degree arc, it’s impossible to see the curve at all.


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