Here Are 15 Wildlife Photography Award Finalists And The Photos Are Amazing

“Winter’s Tale”, Valeriy Maleev, Russia

Valeriy Maleev

“Mother Knows Best”, Marion Vollborn, Germany

Marion Vollborn

“The Surrogate Mother”, Martin Buzora, Canada

Martin Buzora

“Tender Play”, Steve Levi, USA

Steve Levi

“Inquisitive”, Audun Rikardsen, Norway

Audun Rikardsen

“Trustful”, Ingo Arndt, Germany

Ingo Arndt

“What A Poser”, Clement Mwangi, Kenya

Clement Mwangi

“Training Session”, Stefan Christmann, Germany

Stefan Christmann

“The Unwelcome Visitor”, Salvador Colvée Nebot, Spain

Salvador Colvée Nebot

“Matching Outfits”, Michel Zoghzoghi, Lebanon

Michel Zoghzoghi

“A Suitable Gift”, Marco Valentini, Italy

Marco Valentini

“Teamwork”, Jake Davis, USA

Jake Davis

“Family Get-Together”, Michael Schober, Austria

Michael Schober

“Beak To Beak”, Claudio Contreras Koob, Mexico

Claudio Contreras Koob

“Dressed For Dawn”, Csaba Tökölyi, Hungary

Csaba Tökölyi

“Station Squabble”, Sam Rowley, UK

Sam Rowley

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